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Paul Ivsin’s career began in software and database development – creating complex, large-scale web applications for companies in a variety of highly regulated industries, including financial services and telecommunications. During the dot-com bubble at the turn of the millennium, he worked with a number of tech startups, learning first-hand that a good idea and enthusiasm were often not enough to successfully build a sustainable company.

In 2002 Paul turned his focus to healthcare, and discovered a deep satisfaction in using his expertise to serve more important purposes: attacking diseases and improving well-being. Over the past 15 years, he’s worked in medical communications (through agencies such as CAHG) and data analysis (through CMJ Solutions and IMS Health). After talking with hundreds of physicians and patients during that time, he has become convinced that the only way to improve the current state of healthcare is through a focused combination of data and insights.


Since July 2016 Paul has worked full time as an independent consultant. He’s been fortunate to work with a number of innovative startups in the healthcare space, helping them improve both their data collection/analytics and their engagement with key stakeholders: patients and physicians.


Paul lives in Chicago, Illinois with his three children, who are remarkably tolerant of his nerdish ways.

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