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Connecting Key Stakeholders Throughout Healthcare

Physician/Investigator Engagement

Amid the explosion of direct-to-patient communications, physicians still remain the most reliable and trusted resource for a vast majority of patients.    I can help your team strengthen physician relationships by putting together a systematic plan to improve communication and increase enthusiasm:


  • Qualitative research with physicians and key staff

  • Site Engagement Action Plans

  • Investigator Meeting training and workshops

  • Communication strategy: positioning and messaging

  • Site Advisory Boards

Patient-Centered Healthcare

From clinical trials to treatments to insurance: every part of the healthcare system suffers from a lack of focus on the patient.  Earning patients’ attention and interest requires a broad understanding of - and empathy for – their experiences, behaviors, and feelings. I help clients engage with their patients through:


Patient-focused communication

  • In depth interviews and focus groups

  • Advocacy group engagement

  • Patient outreach, social media, and education

Patient Centered Clinical Trials

  • Patient recruitment analytics

  • E-patient advisory panels

  • Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) validation

Digital Health and mHealth

Digital communications and engagement channels have proliferated so quickly that new technologies and applications can quickly become lost in the clutter. I have two decades of experience in developing and evaluating new healthcare technologies, and can provide expert assistance with:


  • Application architecture

  • Functional requirements and user acceptance testing

  • Market assessments and patient/physician adoption strategies

Clinical Development Strategy

Clinical trials are slow and expensive – successful execution requires intelligent planning and rigorous analysis of how the disease and its treatments vary over time and geography. I work with development teams to create an evidence-based strategy, including:


  • Competitive trials landscape analysis

  • Enrollment planning

  • Trial and program feasibility

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