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#Rogue Health on Twitter

While the national parks and EPA have gotten the most attention for "going rogue" with unofficial Twitter accounts, employees at other agencies are also getting into the act: according to one list, there are now 44 such accounts (and I expect the number will be much larger when you read this).

On the healthcare side, there are currently only 4 such "alt" accounts:

  • @alt_fda for the US Food and Drug Administration

  • @AltHHS for the Department of Health and Human Services

  • @Alt_NIH for the National Institutes of Health

  • @Alt_CDC for the Centers for Disease Control

Of these, the HHS and NIH accounts appear to be particularly active in the early going, but I expect the FDA account will take off once the current administration gets around to implementing whatever plans it might have for the agency - and especially if/when the current hiring freeze starts impacting PDUFA approval commitments.

#twitter #regulatory #FDA #CDC #NIH #HHS

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